Friends of Hope Valley

Restoration and Workday Projects


Volunteers create vertical bundles of willows to assist in reestablishing willows in the area. Placing the bundles of willows vertically allows the plant to sprout along the sides as well as on top. This bioengineering technique will help stabilize banks along the Carson River.



Stewards working on the Hope Valley Meadow Restoration Project.
The goal of baseline monitoring is to capture changes in Hope Valley’s
meadow condition over time and to have a record of information used
for the design of a restoration project.

Snapshot day is a one-day, volunteer-based event, designed to collect watershed information during one moment in time. All along the Carson River hundreds of volunteers in various key spots participated. The purpose of this effort is to promote environmental education and stewardship and to collect valuable water quality information.

Under of direction of Judy Wickwire ofHorse Feather Fly Fishing School we have been planting willows for the last 20 years. Measurable effect on the river can be seen. The banks once denuded of vegetation are now lined with willows that are stabilizing the banks, preventing further channelization, reducing sediment accumulation, and cooling the river’s water.

more willow restoration photos

Repairing the banks of the West Fork of the Carson River in Hope Valley